What automated marketing is made of

Automation is built on triggers and actions. They are the components that initiate and change the marketing campaigns. thus, a campaign is a collection of triggers and actions initiated by the client and you. the more actions the client does, the more triggers he has, the more versatile and intense your campigns will be.

Anything can serve as a trigger. Example: a client visited web pages with products A, B and C. If we know his email or any other contact, then we can send an email containing those A, B and С products. When the client opens the email we say they performed an action and automatically send another email or communication. An action can be something that has never been done too. Example: a client never opened the 1st email and 5 days later we automatically send the 2nd email.

Here are examples of clients'actions that can service as triggers and actions for the automated marketing:

  • Triggers
  • Submit a form
  • Download a file
  • Visits a webpage on your website
  • Stays on a webpage for a long / short time
  • Basically, any trackabale action can be a trigger in your campaign
  • Actions
  • Opens your email
  • Clicks in the email
  • Change device or browser
  • Hasn't opened email / SMS for a number of days
  • Abandoned cart for a number of days / hours
  • Basically, any trackabale client's action can be a action in your campaign

An automated campaign scenario

Here is an example of a rather simple automated campaign based on triggers and actions:

  1. A visitor visits your webpage for the first time - we initiate tracking.
  2. The visitor submits a form with the email and name (John) - we initiate campaign
  3. John opens your email and clicks on links - we identfy what products he is interested in
  4. It has been 5 days since last visit so we send John a reminder on his abandoned cart
  5. John checks out. We send a 5% discount coupon for the next visit
  6. We learned that John bought the product at the end of month twice. So we send email with relevant products 1 week before the month ends.
  7. John has birthday next week, we already have an email with congratulations and of course a coupon
  8. Thus John has the following automated communications: abandoned cart reminder, favourite products reminder, Birthday email, monthly coupons reminder, retention "come back" email, price change informer email.

Project Evaluation And Predictions

We are happy to assist any business. Usually we engage when your business has an online presence. If you don't we are happy to help you go online first. Evaluation is always free, means that we are ready to discuss your business needs and estimate what actions need to be done to automate your marketing. Call us or lease us your contacts, we call back!