Why upgrade business to automated marketing

How much time you spend on communicating to your clients equals your marketing, if it is not automated. Automated marketing accumulates data on your website visitors, each time someone visit your website we automatically collect the IP address, browser and device type, access times, the web page from which you came, the regions from which they navigate the web page, and the web page they access. Using this information gives you a bigger customer profile. The more info you've collected the faster you can bring the client to the next stage. The more relevant information you suggest to your client - such as emails containing relevant products, - the faster you can establish communication to the client or make a sale.

Here are example scenarios for a non automated marketing comparing to an automated list of actions:

  • Non automated marketing
  • Someone visits your website and leaves
  • You may see the number of visits in your ad tracker if you use one
  • You never know what that client wanted (Maybe you can make assumptions from what they hit, if you do any minimum tracking)
  • Automated marketing
  • Someone visits your web page - we start tracking
  • Collect data of interest for that anonymous visitor
  • Initiate contact via collected email or phonenumber or any other channel
  • Initiate campaign based on the client's interests
  • Make a sale, based on all the collected information
  • Make the client come back for the next sale via retention campaign

Processes to automate

As soon as you encounter a repeated action you should automate it. We do proper automation for collecting info , collecting contacts, running campaigns and retention campaigns too.

A good example of automated campaigns can be the products / services campaign. Once a week we automatically send a number of products / services your client is interested in. Here is another example: if you know what the client came from your competitor's webpage we send an email comparing your prices and the competitors.

The number of automations is limited only by the user data we have collected so far. So, the earlier we start tracking the visitors on our website the sooner we pitch more precise offers and campaigns.


Here is the model of marketing we promote: Collect info as early as you can--> Analyze it --> Pitch precise offer --> Make sales -->Automate retention based on the info you got.

Project Evaluation And Predictions

We are happy to assist any business. Usually we engage when your business has an online presence. If you don't we are happy to help you go online first. Evaluation is always free, means that we are ready to discuss your business needs and estimate what actions need to be done to automate your marketing. Call us or lease us your contacts, we call back!